With precision to perfection

We are Christen Zahnradfertigung

We have a passion for gear wheels

More than 75 years of the very highest quality

As part of a whole, gear wheels transfer motion – small components ensuring that clocks, gear mechanisms and engines run smoothly. The more precisely the gear wheels mesh, the more smoothly the rotation is transferred. To maximise the efficiency of the gearing, our production is focused on precision, exact operations and accuracy. We aspire to perfection.  

We manufacture little masterpieces of metal: spur gears, helical gears, crown gears, bevel gears, worms and worm gears, sprocket wheels, toothed racks and complete gearing mechanisms – all according to your drawings and needs! 

We specialise in flange-ground gear wheels of the utmost precision. A perfect product demands professionalism and quality at every level. To achieve the best possible result, we invest in the very latest machinery. 

We have been delivering precision in the micro segment for 75 years. We are delighted that our name has since become synonymous internationally for the very highest quality.

Steadfastly working for you

40 professionals with fingertip sensitivity

As a cog in your supply chain, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Thanks to our high volume flexibility, short throughput times and, not least, highly regarded coordination, we can guarantee being able to supply you on schedule.

By we, we mean a dynamic team of some forty staff who demonstrate their fingertip sensitivity and technical expertise day after day. Our capital is the motivation and ambition of the team to get the very best out of a product. And that is what we cultivate and cherish.

We are the points of contact at Christen Zahnradfertigung

The expertise to meet your wish for small masterpieces
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