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Complete gearing, calculations and toothed parts

We’re ready for whatever you have to throw at us

Complete gearing and assemblies

Going for the complete package?

Do you need a complete gearing or drive system? We supply assemblies with integrated toothed parts either prefabricated or finished as a complete unit. Our vertical integration meets almost every requirement, while our modern production technologies and teams of specialists with many years of experience and proven industry expertise enable us to respond precisely to your needs.

That means you get a turnkey solution, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

See for yourself that we think production is more than just manufacturing.

Gearing calculations and engineering

We’ll help you reinvent the wheel

Are you looking for a specialised gearing solution tailored just to you? Would you like to improve the performance of your existing gearing? Or do you need a complete gearing calculation? We’ll analyse your needs and develop a customised solution just for you.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience. We bring the art of engineering into play along with our partner NOVAGEAR. We’ll support you all the way from design to series production. You’ll find that our projects are characterised by efficiency and sustainability.

Why not put us to the test and let us tackle your problem? Complex and unfamiliar tasks are what we love most!

With us, things run smoothly

Software for gearing design

Do you need to design gear transmissions or optimise couplings? Our KISSsoft software helps us simplify complex calculations for you and your application.

We use the program daily and can provide the optimum support for your design task. The calculations are based on generally recognised principles.

Why not come to us? We’ll supply the right result!

Toothed parts

Almost limitless diversity – tailored to you

Our toothed parts are manufactured precisely to your needs. Cutting-edge manufacturing technology and the enormous specialist expertise of our workforce enable us to give you high-precision parts of high quality – and as quickly as possible. 

The use of our customised toothed parts will ensure your production facilities run smoothly, so your customers don’t run out!  

All our high-quality toothed parts can be made from any desired metal or even plastic (in various degrees of hardness) on request.


Overview of our toothed parts

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