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Offene Lehrstellen 2021



We're looking for



Whether gear wheels or rotating parts, prototypes or complete assemblies, we manufacture to suit your requirements. We have many years of experience in the series production of complete assemblies and the processing of high-quality materials is one of our strengths.

We can, of course, provide you with drilling, milling, turning and grinding work on CNC machines for individual components, as well as all types of surface and heat treatment. Our range is rounded off by specific gear wheel and gearing software, as well as logistics solutions.




  • Spur gears
  • Helical gears 
  • Crown gears
  • Bevel gears
  • Worms and worm gears
  • Sprocket wheels
  • Master gears
  • Toothed racks
  • Complete gearing mechanisms
  • Prototype construction
  • Drilling and milling work on CNC processing centres
  • Chuck and centre turning on CNC lathes
  • Interior and exterior grinding on CNC grinding machines
  • Shaping work on CNC slotting machines
  • Manufacture of complete assemblies
  • All machining processes
  • Specific gear wheel and gearing software
  • Logistics solutions

Our important machine tools

Production lathes

ø350 x 1'000 mm

Machining Centres

X = 610 mm

Y = 406 mm

Z = 508 mm

Slotting machines

lenght 145 mm

Internal grinding machines

ø6 – ø200 mm

Plain cylindrical grinding machines

ø350 x 1'000 mm

Surface grinding machines universal

650 x 400 mm

Universal tool milling machines

1'500 x 365 mm

Keyway milling machines

25 x 450 mm


l=1’250 mm

Worms and threading machines

ø250 x 1'000 mm

Rack milling machines

module 0.5 - module 8 x 2'100 mm lg.

Bevel gear planning machines

max. module 5, ø500

Gear cutting machines

module 1 - module 10, ø750 mm

Gear shaping machines

module 0.5 - module 6, max. ø500 mm

Gear hopping machines

module 0.3 - module 10, ø800 mm

Gear grinding machines

module 0.5 - module 8, ø350 mm

Rack grinding machines

max. module 6, lenght 700 mm


Offene Lehrstellen 2021



We're looking for

By 01.08.2021

By 01.08.2021



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